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Monday, February 27, 2012

A while ago my family and i went to Decorah Iowa were all the eagals are.
We stopped and feed some fish at a fish hatchery.

I got some amazing waterfall shots, and remember this was when it was 25 degrees out so my hands were freezing.  It was really neat that the water wasn't frozen ether.

There was a nice wooden barn that made a great picture too.
The best thing about the trip was i actually got shots of the eagles.

and here's some lovely shots of my dog Jack

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I really like animals so i decided to put a post up of my favorite animal shots
 I love Snakes
 It's really beautiful
 Polly want a cracker

 Off to the sides of the flamingos there was this lone black swan
 The sea otters were so cute
 Doesn't this snow leopard look sad
 Bald eagles are really neat
 My dog Jack
I love him

Heres the Spring Photos I Promised

 Up until this spring I had no idea that rhubarb had flowers

 Colorful Right

These were from the camping trip to Pleasant Creek
It was Really nice out